Sons of the American Legion

2017–2018 Squadron Directory

Squadron CommanderLeigh Rainer 262-549-1939
Vice Commander – John Mahoney 414-750-7872
 Finance Officer-Mike Pook 414-467-6544
Chaplain / Adjutant Brad Catura 262-617-2749
S.A.L. Advisor Mike Daigle 414-817-2153
Judge Advocate Rick D. Steinberg 262-784-2511
Sargent of Arms    Bob Radtke
Past Squadron Commander-Mike Pook 414-467-6544
2007-2013 Mike Pook            Walter Gerke & Mike Pook 11-2016
 From left Mike Pook, Leigh Rainer, Brad Catura, Jim Schwantes, John Mahoney lll, Mike Lawler Past National Vice Commander, Past State Detachment Officer for SAL  June 2016