Honor guard

American Legion Post 449 Honor Guard

Our members of this elite team are all veterans who have served our Country.

Our Post 449 Honor Guard is proud to be able to provide a ceremonial honor guard unit for all requested Military Honors Funerals. Escorting a fallen hero to a final resting place is considered one of the highest forms of respect. We will be present at any Church, Chapel, Funeral Home or Cemetery to conduct the proper Military Honors to a fallen hero and family Members. By law, a military funeral with honors is offered for any veteran when requested by family members. We will provide a full military honors ceremony, including  3 gun volley salute and we will provide a bugler to play “Taps”, in addition to providing a ceremonial folded flag, ceremonial coin from the State of Wisconsin, Department of Veterans Affairs and a special Post 449 embroidered pouch which will contain the spent cartridges, along with a sympathy card, from our Post.

The Honor Guard Unit will participate in all designated parades, including Veteran’s Day. We are a ceremonial team and march with pride, to display our military service flags. Our Honor Guard Team is proud to serve you.

God Bless America and all of our servicemembers!!!

Top Row: Robert Brurok, Frank Sternisha, Wallace Engel, Charles Cera, Jack Draak, Ryan Schaekel.
Bottom Row: Rodney Haines, Michael Cannon, Gordon Schaber, Richard Strehlow, Chet Salmela, Charles Ross, Fredrick Withrow.
Not Pictured:  Peter Schiller, Rich Baczek, Pat Gordon, Mike Daigle, Don Higgs, Tom Krall, Bill Ochowicz, Oscar Robredo



Service Officer – Richard Strehlow 1-262-389-4638

Asst. Service Officer – Bill Ochowicz 1-414-659-1140

Advisor (for V.A. Affairs) –

Armorer –

Uniforms & Supplies – Richard Strehlow



Bob Brurok
Rich Baczek
Mike Cannon
Mike Daigle
Pat Gordon
Rod Haines
Don Higgs
Tom Krall
Bill Ochowicz
Oscar Robredo
Gordon Schaber
Pete Schiller
Frank Sternisha
Richard Strehlow
Fred Withrow
Jim Young